Thursday, May 19, 2016

New 365 Challenge Blocks

I had been doing primarily dark blocks for the challenge, but I finally got to the point where I could make some of the 6" finished light blocks. I have really been enjoying these. They are taking some time to make, though. Some of the blocks are like making four 3" finished blocks. The last group of 3" finished blocks are on the left; the light blocks all finish to 6".

I'm liking how they are turning out. Several of my friends are doing this challenge too. It is fun (and not too late to join). Check it out here.

I'm getting ready for a trip to Branson with my dad and step-mom. (My dad is 82 and hard of hearing, and my step-mom has Alzheimer's.) We are meeting my son, his wife, and little June Beth. This should be interesting. I'm keeping positive thoughts. Wish me luck!



Lisa Greenbow said...

If you can piece together these tiny little pieces to make beautiful blocks you can piece together the elderly and the youth to have a wonderful trip. Best of luck.

Dana Kroeger said...

I think I like the lighter 6" blocks the best. I am so hoping you all have a very good trip. Have fun with JUNE BETH!

Robbie said...

Impressive!!! Trip will be's always good to get folks'll be surprised! Plus, you'll have support!

Anonymous said...

The blocks look great! I hope you can work the different ages meeting together as well as you make the blocks work together. =)