Monday, June 6, 2016

Travel, Accident, and 365 Challenge Update

Have sewing will travel. Does that sound like you? Every time we get ready to leave for a trip of some kind (and that is pretty often now that we both have retired) I start to panic a little bit. Will I have enough sewing to take along? What is the least intrusive sewing I can take? Should I even take sewing along?

I have a lot of hand sewing projects, but most of them tend to take up a bit of room--my "forever" hexie project, the quilt I'm hand quilting, even my extreme embroidery piece takes up more room than I'd like because I need to carry lots of different colors of embroidery floss.

I know that part of the problem is I'm a "What-If" kind of gal. What if I don't have the color floss I need (so I bring way too much)? What if I don't want to work on that embroidery project (so I bring two or three)? What if I spill something on my quilt (even when I drag it along I don't work on it)? What if I don't bring something to sew and I really need something to sew? What if I'm sewing and people think I'm rude by doing that?

I didn't have to make a decision; it was made for me. I had a little mishap the day before we left. I slipped on some water in the garage and landed hand/wrist first on the concrete. I didn't have time before we left to have it X-rayed; I'm hoping for the best. There is no way I could sew (so no decision had to be made). That's giving me time to catch up on my reading. I'm on the third book in the Game of Thrones series; those books are REALLY long.

I do have another 365 Challenge update. I have been working on those blocks whenever I get a chance.

These are some pretty intricate blocks; I'm really liking them.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Darn the luck. I hope your hand/wrist gets well while you are away. I giggled at your description of 'what should I take'. I always take way too many art supplies. Only my weakness is paint. I changed my palette in my traveling paint box, gathered way too many brushes, pens, pencils etc. Will I even have time to do any drawing or painting. Hardly, but heck, one must be prepared. The 365 is coming right along.

Kathleen Loomis said...

Oh my -- that wrist looks awful! Hope it heals without problem.

Answering your questions: yes, you should always take along sewing. Maybe have a tiny/traveling project (yes, I know, you don't need ANOTHER project, but maybe this one would come in handy) that is chosen simply for its small size. Like start a new extreme embroidery that's only in two colors so it will fit into a very small bag.

And what if people think you're being rude? Well, if it's your family, they know by now that you're not being rude. If it's a stranger, do you care? And you can always take an opportunity to explain that you're an artist after all and just can't bear to have idle hands when you could be making art.

have a good trip!

Robbie said...

OK, that hand/wrist does not look good!!!! What's up with us and wrist/hand issues! Hope it feels better but you best have it looked at by a professional if not better!!!! Take care!!!!

Anonymous said...

That hand looks painful! Even if you didn't break or sprain anything, it may hurt a while if you've bruised a bone. I miss my traveling days with Paul driving and me sitting and working on either CQ or hexagons. I keep each project in a tin box - I collect them from all kinds of things - Whitman's Sampler, stationery, cookies. I have tons of them for the boys to shake their heads over when I'm gone. =)

Paula said...

Oh my, I forget sometimes how slippery the garage floor is when it iw wet. Please take care and I hope it is just bruised.