Wednesday, April 9, 2014

While the Cat's (Husband's) Away, the Mice (Quilter) Will Play

For those of you who read the last post, I DID reconstruct the block that had been sewn incorrectly. It wasn't fun, and it took awhile, but I'm happy with the top now (at least I thought I was). Every time I looked at it before the correction, my eye went directly to that block. THEN, one of my readers sent me an email and asked me if the block above it was correct...

Nate has been on a cruise for a few days, and I sewed from morning till night every day while he was gone! I had sewing/quilting "stuff" ALL OVER the house. Do you ever do this? You might ask, "Why aren't you sewing in your studio?" Well, I don't have a DVR in my studio (I might have to remedy that!), and I needed to catch up with some shows I had taped.




You can see my new Sketcher Go Walk shoes in this picture. I'm in the process of Zentangling on them. As a side note--I'm having my stitching group here today (and my husband is coming home tomorrow), so the house is all cleaned up. I even cleaned my studio and worked down there last night.

I finished my large queen-size quilt top and made blocks for the Country Threads block of the month quilt. I only have one more month to go to be caught up with that. Here are my Country Threads blocks.

The blocks are all different sizes. If you are interested in this Block of the Month project, head on over to Country Threads where you will find the instructions for the blocks. I've enjoyed working on some traditional blocks for a change. It is a good diversion AND uses up a lot of my fabric that I won't be using in my art quilts.
For my fiber art friends who read my blog (if there are any left), I am starting a new piece and finishing another. I've decided to document the work on this new project on my blog. We'll see how that goes.



Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't sew much but sometimes my projects are spread through out the house. Makes me appreciate my studio in that I can just close the door when company is coming. Nice projects.

Laura McGrath said...

I knew you would have to fix that block, you wouldn't be able to stand it. And I live alone, so I sew and do things all over my house that are craft-related, so I can relate to your "spreading out".