Monday, April 7, 2014

Does This Ever Happen To You?

As I was completing my traditional LARGE queen-size quilt top, I noticed something that didn't look quite right. There was a block in the last row that didn't look quite right. I thought, "How can that be?" I remembered that I had taken a picture of all the blocks I had put out on my studio floor. I had really checked them out to make sure they were laid out correctly. When I went back to really scrutinize the picture this is what I found.

I had labeled each block with the row number and position of the block in the row (something I usually do not do). It had gone together SO smoothly. How could this have happened? When I studied the error, I realized the block placement was correct; the block construction was the error. Luckily, the block wasn't in the center of the quilt; but, nonetheless, it would be a pain in the butt to take out. What do you think? Did I leave it this way and call it my "humility block" or did I take it out, take the block apart, remake the block, reposition it, and resew it into the row?



Lisa at Greenbow said...

Leave it as your signature block. Pretty quilt.

Laura McGrath said...

I'd leave it, too, and every time I looked at it, I'd remember that nothing is ever perfect, but we do the best we can!