Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More from Paducah 2014--Basket Quilts

I always find the AQS show in Paducah to be a more traditional show than most, but I felt that was particularly true this year. There were several recurring "themes/techniques." There were several basket quilts. I took these pictures of two of my favorites; then, I realized (as I was putting these pics together for this post) that they were made by the same person, V'Lou Oliveira.

The name of the above quilt is called "String Baskets." The black really makes the baskets pop. I think using all different blacks (rather than one black throughout) makes this quilt much more interesting. Why use one fabric when you can use "hundreds!"

The quilt above is called "Easter Baskets." I love the lively color scheme and the wonky basket shapes. This quilt definitely makes me smile.

Stay tuned for more Paducah quilts and comments.


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Lisa at Greenbow said...

These baskets are perfect for this time of year. Using the multiple blacks keeps the first one from looking depressing. The second one is quite lively with the modern (popular) colors.