Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paducah 2014

Let me start off this post with a little rationalizing--I didn't get to come to the Paducah quilt show two years ago, and I was here for only a day and a half last year (before the show started) and had to leave early because my Dad got really sick. I bought VERY little last year (definitely not enough to write about). Now...

Does this look like a vendor's booth at a quilt show? Well, it looked like that to me when I laid it all out tonight! This is my "haul" from Paducah--so far.

I set out to get white and off-white tone-on-tone fabric for the scrap quilts I've been making. (I'm trying to use up my stash of dark fabrics I won't use in my art work.) I also will be using the whites for the background on a quilt for my granddaughter. My criteria for that fabric was that I had to actually like the fabric and I had to be able to get it at a bargain price. Well...if you look at the back left of the "stuff," you'll see I succeeded with that objective. I also wanted to get various shades of black and gray fabrics for the new art piece I'm working on. I did that--front right. I also picked up some fabric I couldn't resist (like the fabric to the left of the black.) I also had fabric for my granddaughter's quilt on my "Things to Get While at Paducah" list. I didn't want that to be too baby looking, so I got some Kaffe fat quarters and a jelly roll. I didn't pay more that $6 per yard for any fabrics (except the Kaffe stuff), and at least half of it was $4 a yard! Now how can a good quilter pass that up? I scored 53 1/2 yards of fabric plus one jelly roll!!!!!! OK, stop know you would have done the same thing!

As you can see, that isn't all I got. I added a king-sized batt (on my list), two snow-dyed ponchos (next to the batting), two new black Frixion pens, some RetroClean (hopefully, that will work to clean some really old quilts and tops I'll share with you later and also on my list of things to get while in Paducah), one pack of Sulky Petites thread, a Cherrywood hand-dyed t-shirt, 16 books (all half or more off the original price), pigma pens, Zentangles tiles, and blending stumps. All in all a MAJOR haul. I LOVE everything I got and will put it ALL to good use.

What's pretty funny is that the actual show hasn't even started yet! I'm hitting the show and all the show vendors tomorrow. I'll let you know how I do. If you aren't sure whether to make the trek to Paducah, come on down. There are some GREAT bargains to be had. I just LOVE shopping for quilty things...don't you?

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

A good haul. I love shopping. I am sure you will be properly inspired at the show.