Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Purchase and Internet Company Recommendation

I recently purchased an old fashioned clothes drying rack from a great old hardware store in town. I use this rack in my studio for a variety of things. Here you can see it holding some strips of fabric I have cut for a facing (and don't want to lose) and some silk sari strips that I'm hoping will inspire me.
I also use it to hold painted and/or dyed fabrics that need to dry, strips for strip piecing and binding, and wet soda ash soaked fabric that needs to dry. I REALLY have found this to be a very handy tool for my studio.

As for the recommendation, I think it is hard to know which companies on the Internet are good companies to order from. I write letters/emails when my service hasn't been great, so I also like to pass the word along when I have had GREAT service. I have to mention a company that has been WONDERFUL to me. The company name is Red Panda Beads owned by Betsy Ramsey. I recently made an order for a few beads and some FireLine braided bead thread. Right away, Betsy emailed me to tell me that because of the recent holiday (Labor Day) it might take a little longer than usual to receive my package. (I might add here...I have always received my orders from Red Panda in a very timely manner.) I emailed right back and told her I was in a rush because of an entry deadline. Betsy immediately emailed me back thanking me for the info and arranging to rush my order to me by priority mail (with no additional shipping charge). WOW, and thank you Betsy! Red Panda Beads is one of those GOOD Internet companies. She has a wide variety of quality products at good prices, and her customer service is top notch. If you are in the market for ANY beading supplies, check out her website at Red Panda Beads. (I have not been enticed, in any way, to endorse this website. I'm just one happy customer.)

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