Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Try at Dye Painting

Over on the Fire blog, the resident artists are painting with thickened dyes. Check it out to see what everyone is doing. Since I'm a resident artist on that site I gave it a try too.

First, let me say that it takes a lot of "stuff" to paint with thickened dyes, and I found that I had less control with the dyes than I have with fabric paint. However, I do like the depth of color I got with the dyes, and I really like that the hand of the fabric isn't changed by adding color. Will I try it again? Hmmm...I don't know.

Before I show you my piece, you should know (and it will become VERY clear) that I can't draw; and I'm not very good at painting. (The other artists on the Fire blog are VERY good. Be sure to check out their work so you can get a true feel for what can be done with this technique.) Here is my piece.
I was inspired by pictures of Chihuly glass. I love the flow of the molten glass, and tried to capture that in this piece. I'm hoping with some quilting and thread painting it will be something I will actually want to finish.


Karen S said...

This is wonderful -- I love the sinewy shapes and the bright colors -- it does invoke Chihuly glass. It will look great after you hit it with thread!

Robbie said...

Love Chihuly's work and it looks like you captured the flow of his works! Nice!