Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Playing with New Techniques

Since I last wrote, I have been doing some playing in my studio. I spent an evening (and most of a night) doing some more monoprinting. I have a couple of pieces I really like. Others still have more layers to go, and some are just really bad. I figure I'll just try some other technique on those. I have one piece that I have started hand quilting. I really like the peacefulness I feel while doing the handwork; I like the "feel" of the piece in my hands. I think when you spend that much time with a piece a part of you stays with it. Hopefully, when people view it, they "feel" that part of you that you have given to the piece.

Today, I did a flour-paste resist on four pieces of fabric. I'm excited to see what these look like when I wash out the flour. I'm just having SO much fun "playing."

Stay tuned for pictures...

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Laura said...

Waiting to see some pictures of your work!