Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Play Day Pictures--Monoprinting

I promised to put a few of the pictures up from my recent two "play days." In this post, I'll show you a few of the monoprinted pieces
This is a piece I did the other day when I was playing. I have started hand quilting it (thus the white basting stitches you see in the picture). If you click on it and then click again, you can get a really close up shot of the layers and quilting. I'm thinking of totally finishing this piece then mounting it on top of another totally finished piece of cloth...we'll see.

These next two pieces were done that day too.

Obviously the orange piece is much further along than the bottom piece. I like the grafitti look of the bottom piece. I'm not sure what color I'll add to this. Any suggestions? I could use the help.

This last piece of monoprinted fabric was started in Valerie White's class. I put more layers on it at home. I'm not sure if it is finished yet.
I guess you can tell from these pictures that I LOVE orange and red. Our apartment in Indy is decorated with orange and blue. I love the excitement and intensity of those colors.

If you have never tried this technique, you should. It is SO much fun and very addictive. Hopefully, I'll get better with practice, but I think I'll be able to use these fabrics (in whole or in part) in some pieces I have swirling around in my head.


Dotti said...

I just love your progress with monoprinting. I have been fascinated it. Wish there were classes like this one available where I live. I have tried the technique but have not been very successful.

Laura said...

I also love orange & blue together, it's one of my favorite combinations. On the white-ish background piece, maybe you should add a pop or two of a blue somewhere?

Bea said...

I love those. But, I love orange, red, yellows and blues, too so that was easy. Very interesting sitching on the top one. When you put the one on top of the other are you going to be scrunching or cutting through from top to bottom or what? I'm very curious about your next steps. :)Be

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

I've been getting into orange and red or orange and pink together. My problem with art clothes - at least in the beginning - was that I fell too in love with them and then could never bring myself to cut them up and use them. Hopefully you won't have that problem!

Julie Ryan said...

Beth these pieces have turned out so well. I really like the first one. The lighter one also appeals to me and I would add some bright blue to it.