Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indiana Heritage Quilt Show (2010)/Bloomington, IN--I Took More Pictures than I Thought

Amy Bright’s quilt, “Parcheesi,” was entered in the Mixed/Special Techniques—Bed Quilt category. Amy says, “As a child I spent many happy hours playing Parcheesi with my grandmother. When I designed this quilt it reminded me of our Parcheesi board and my wonderful grandmother. I spent three years hand piecing, appliquéing, and quilting it.” Amy is from Tucson, AZ. (Where this quilt was hung there was no way to get a full view of the quilt.)

I did take a closeup. Hopefully, it will give you a better feel for the work that went into this quilt. This was one of the corners of the quilt (not visible in the picture above. Check out the fussy cut circles and outlined red "petals.")
“Moonlit Mirage” was entered in the Mixed/Special Techniques—Wall Quilt category by Denise Tallon Havlan from Plainfield, IL. You can't tell from the photograph, but the red fabric on the horse’s tail is three-dimensional.

Mary S. Miller from Centerville, OH, entered her quilt, “Dolmabahce,” into the Ensemble Bed Quilt category. It is her original design and was inspired by a wood floor in the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, Turkey. It was quilted by Carolyn Archer.
Also in the Ensemble Bed Quilt category is LuAnn Krug’s quilt “Lime Phosphate.” (It was VERY green!) It was quilted by Jennifer Cunningham. The quilt is a replica of the Salinda Rupp quilt from 1870’s Pennsylvania. Line drawings were published in “Nearly Insane” by Liz Lois with Salinda’s intricate designs, tiny pieces, and cut off points. Friends gave LuAnn the fabric for her quilt—some from as far away as Canada and Norway. LuAnn is from Indianapolis, IN. I loved the feather quilting in the outer border. (Again, I couldn't get in a position to get the entire quilt in the picture--the right border is missing here.)
Kathy Munkelwitz from Isle, MN, entered her “Crystal Blue Baskets” into the Ensemble Bed Quilt category too. It is free-motion hand machine quilted. She added blue crystals for a little “pa-zaz!” She got the patterns from old magazines, Kansas City Star designs, embroidery books, and the Internet. It was quilted by Nancy Sammis. The quilting was just lovely.
The second place winner in the Ensemble Wall Quilt category was this quilt (“Berry Patch”) made by Claudia Clark Myers and Marilyn Badger from Duluth, MN.
I loved the story behind this next quilt and thought the quilt was very cleverly done. R. J. Trubitt from Bloomington, IN, made this quilt—“Chaos Contained.” It was entered in the Ensemble Wall Quilt category. This is the description…”Maryann (Orr) loved to use leftover scraps from other people’s quilt projects—and as you see, no piece was too small. Maryann died suddenly last year, and it was my homage to quilt this.”
The first place winner in the Mixed/Special Techniques—Bed Quilt was “The Lady Virginia” made by Sandi McMillan from Albion, NE. She says it was inspired by an antique quilt made by Amelia Lauck of Virginia in 1828. Using an interesting color combination and today’s construction techniques gives the quilt the look of an elegant fine handworked heirloom.
The quilting was spectacular. You can see it a bit better in this closeup.
I have a few pictures of the show left for next time. Check back.

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