Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lots of Miscellaneous

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I finally finished Mom's quilt and pillow sham. I think she'll like it. The pattern I used is called "In and Out" and is published by Blue Underground Studios, Inc. (If you haven't read past Mom was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's and went to live in a nursing home right before Christmas. Her room is lavender and green. I wanted her to have a quilt (that I made) to surround her with lots of love and good wishes. This is that quilt--definitely not colors I would normally work with, but I ended up really liking it.)
This is a closeup of the pillow sham. I quilted it with a varigated green thread in a freehand clamshell design. The quilt was machine quilted by Martha Hulsman using the same thread. It is quilted in a larger clamshell design.This is a picture of the back of Mom's quilt. I couldn't find a back that I liked, so I decided I would make one with the left-over fabric. In essence, it is another quilt and makes the quilt reversible. This is a picture of my new storage cubes. (It also shows the corrugated steel ceiling that I love.) I have four more cubes to put together and add to this. The studio is coming along. I'm hoping to get the furniture all moved down sometime next week. Then, after I find and put away all my quilting "stuff," I can actually start sewing down there.
...and last but not least, are my pictures of Libby. She absolutely loves Mom's quilt. Doesn't she look cozy?
She also really likes the batting on my design wall--notice the big hole (where the pink of the drywall board shows through). She pulls pieces of the batting off and chases them around the floor. I have purchased some white flannel to replace the batting; I just haven't gotten around to covering the design wall with it yet.

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Anonymous said...

Beth, your mom's quilt and pillow are great. Really uplifting colors. I'm sure she will feel your love when she uses it. Your studio is looking great!! Can't wait to see it in person. See ya. maz