Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Class Offering--Mom's Quilt and Studio Update

I designed this simple table runner in EQ6 for a guild workshop. My guild wanted a class on using the Easy Angle and Companion Angle. I made these Variable Stars using those rulers. I think we'll be able to get the top completed during the three-hour class. My daughter will be getting this Tri-Star Table Runner.This is the update on my Mom's quilt (In and Out)--I got the top finished. My current design wall isn't big enough for me to stretch it all out (and I was home alone when I took the picture, so I had no one to help me), but you get the idea. I'm really happy with it. I think she will like it; it will look nice in her room. I'm hoping to get the backing and send it off to be machine quilted yet this week (depending on the weather situation). Now, for the studio update...the room itself is finished except for the sink in the bathroom and some other minor things. This is a picture of the "cubes" I bought from Target. Right now, they are holding a VERY SMALL portion of the fabric I'm moving out of the furniture in my current sewing room. I have to empty the furniture out before it can be moved down to the new studio. Once it is moved, I'm going to have to put all the fabric back into the furniture. Ooooo, I have a LONG way to go till this room is done!
This is the sitting area. I'm thinking I'll be moving this to another location in the room. We'll see when I get all the furniture down here.
These are the cabinets I had put in. I'm having a hole drilled and a grommet put in so I can hide the electrical cords. I have my Keureg coffee pot and a fridge handy.
This is my cutting table (I moved it by myself.) and SOME of the MANY totes full of "stuff." My cat, Libby, likes the new room too.
I can't even believe how much fabric and quilting "stuff" I have! It could take me till spring to get it all moved.


Anonymous said...

It's been a while since I've checked on the progress but it really looks good! I'm sure your Mom will love the quilt. I would! Love, Dana

Anonymous said...

It is looking great! I really like the cabinets and the cubes.