Monday, August 3, 2009

Having a Hard Time of It

I have to apologize for not blogging for a few days. My Grandma Wink died this past Thursday. She would have been 96 in September and had been living by herself till the day she died. She was as "sharp as a tack!" She taught me to sew using a needle, thread, and a paper napkin! She loved to cook and play cards and had a garden till just a couple of years ago. She was quite a lady! I have been in a "funk" and not very productive. I also have had to do a bit of traveling.

I did take some pictures of The Dome at West Baden Springs right at dusk during this week, though. The color of the sky when looking up at the "kaleidoscope" at the top of the dome at that time of day is a magnificent blue. My plan is to make an art quilt using those photos as inspiration; I love the contrast of colors. I took an off-center picture that sort of looks like a really colorful octopus. When I get a chance to download the pictures, I'll post a couple. In the meantime, please "hang in there" with me. I will get back to sewing and blogging.


Anonymous said...

Beth, So sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know you have wonderful memories of her. Hope you can make it to guild tonight. maz

Anonymous said...

Beth, I know this has been a rough week. Sounds like grandma had a good life and be thankful she was able to be in her own home to the end. Glad you are back with your blog. Take care, Dana

Vicki said...

Beth, What a wonderful life your Grandma must have had - the things she got to see and do!! Hang on to the good memories. It sounds like her life should be truly celebrated!