Friday, August 28, 2009

Quilting Studio Progress

Well...I finished painting my new quilting studio and a bedroom today. Yeah!!!!! It's looking good. Now my son-in-law can continue his work--putting in lights, painting trim, putting up trim, putting up the metal for the ceiling (we are using corrugated metal), putting in doors, and lots of stuff I know nothing about.

One big dilemma has been what flooring to use. The studio is in the basement of my house, so I needed to have waterproof/water-resistant flooring (just in case). I finally found something I think will work, and I really like the look. I decided on TrafficMaster Allure Plank (which is some kind of flexible vinyl in planks designed to look like hardwood) from Home Depot. It met all my requirements--can be laid over existing floors, is waterproof, is relatively easy to lay, and has a good warranty. I didn't want indoor/outdoor carpet, because I tend to drop a lot of pins. I have picked out a blonde maple look since I wanted to keep it light. I hope I like it.

I'm heading off to Florida for a few days. That's a good thing for my son-in-law (who, I'm sure, would prefer to work when I'm not home). I'll be anxious to see how much he gets done while I'm gone. I'm lucky too that my daughter will be there to keep my cat fed and watered and to water my plants, so no worries.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe how quick this project is coming!! Especially with Scott working a full time job!! Sounds really good. Can't wait to see it. Enjoy some stress free days in Florida.