Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Gadget Review/Clover Domed Needle Holder

Since I have been doing a lot of hand quilting lately, I thought it might be time for another review. This is a product I just couldn’t do without. I am a hand quilter that is “on the go” a lot of the time. I have to have products that make my work very portable. This product really helps keep my quilting threads and needles organized. Clover® makes a Domed Needle Holder Case that holds ten threaded needles. The threads are wound on a reel and remain untangled. When I quilt in the car, it is really too bumpy to thread needles easily. The Needle Dome held enough threaded needles for me to quilt through a seven-hour car trip a couple of weekends ago. You can probably find the Domed Needle Holder Case at your local quilt shop (and Heaven knows we need to support our local quilt shops). If your local quilt shop doesn’t carry it (or you don’t have a local quilt shop), you can find it on line. The cost usually ranges from $8-$11. I really think it is well worth the money if you are a hand quilter.


Anonymous said...

It's me again, Beth!!! I just love reading your blog. Enjoyed the Dirty Monday with you gals today. Thanks so much. Dana

Anonymous said...

Really like the scrapiness of that Kaye E. pattern. MAZ

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