Monday, January 19, 2009

January 2009 Mini Quilting Retreat

The quilting retreat was a success. We all had a really good time and got a lot done (as you can see). I didn't get pictures of everybody or everything that was worked on, but I did get some good pictures. Mary Lou is shown machine quilting. She finished this quilt (thanks to the "quilt fairy" that finished her binding during the night). She is also pictured with her wall hanging with the deer on it.
Robin and Dana had their machines set up on the tables in the middle of the room. You can see Libby's tail; she supervised the work over the weekend.
Robin is showing one of her wall hangings. She finished two wall hangings (or table toppers) and a table runner.
The "cutting/ironing" room was located in the kitchen/dining area.
Jane is showing one of her projects. This is one of her UFOs she has to finish. She belongs to the UFO Club.
Dana came up from Lynnville. She actually starts projects and gets them finished before she starts something else. She is working on a variation of a trip around the world quilt.
Libby loved the social aspect of the retreat. She spent time inspecting all the work that was being done. She alerted us to any scraps we had dropped on the floor and tried to clean up all the loose threads by eating them. She is catching up on her sleep today. Libby likes to help with the sewing. She sat on my sewing table (or in my chair) every time I got up to do some cutting or ironing!

Today, I'm catching up on all the housework and such. I'm thinking my "regular" dust bunnies mated with the new dust bunnies from the quilting retreat to form "super mega-bunnies." You should have seen them; they were HUGE! I think I have finally corralled them all. I had such a good time at the retreat. It was nice to get to spend time with good friends. I hate that I didn't get pictures of Mary Alice, Jeannie, and Julie. I guess I was just so wrapped up in talking, eating, and sewing that I didn't realize I hadn't gotten all the pics I needed. Hopefully, there will be a repeat retreat sometime in the near future. I'll do better, then, about getting pics of everyone.

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