Sunday, December 21, 2008

Working on UFOs

I spent the entire day yesterday working on my UFOs. I did get a lot accomplished. For the two that are due in January, I finished piecing and putting borders on the Reindeer Table Runner. I also cut batting and backing for it. I layered and basted it and finished the machine quilting. I made the binding and got it sewn on. Now, I have to hand sew the binding on. For my Lori Smith Bright Stars wall hanging...I got it finished to the point of hand sewing the binding on too. I also got the batting cut for three other UFO projects. I got the backing cut for two other projects. I layered those projects and got them pin basted. I got binding cut and made for one of the other UFOs.

I did have a little trouble with the Lori Smith Bright Stars UFO, though. I drew my quilting design (for the plain blocks) onto a piece of deli-wrap with a Sharpie pen. I then pinned the deli-wrap to a plain block and quilted through the deli wrap. When I got ready to remove the deli-wrap, the part of the deli-wrap that was under the thread (and, therefore, VERY difficult to remove every little piece of it) was black (the color of the Sharpie I used). It made it look like I had actually drawn the design onto the white plain blocks with the Sharpie pen. I couldn't loosen all the tiny pieces of deli-wrap, so I had to take out the quilting. That is not easily done. It probably took me close to an hour to get it all out. ...back to the drawing board... I got one of the pieces of deli-wrap that had the quilting design drawn onto it. I pinned it to the top of about 4-5 pieces of plain deli-wrap, and sewed through these pieces with an unthreaded needle. It pierced the design into the deli-wrap pieces underneath (thus transferring the design). I pinned those pierced pieces to the plain blocks, and quilted through them. All went well! The quilting designs look really nice--no black! Hopefully, this will save one of you from going through the same ordeal!

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