Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting Started

I am new at blogging. I tried my hand at it on MySpace, but it was really difficult adding pics right in with the reading.

I'm a quilter. I love anything and everything that has to do with quilting. Right now I'm working on the blocks for the block of the month from The Quilt Show. I've posted one of them here.

Of course, I have way too many projects going right now. I'm working on a cat rag quilt for my great niece and a dog rag quilt for my great nephew. I'm also working on a "monster" quilt for my grandson.

In addition to these quilts, I have numerous UFOs (unfinished objects). I'm in a group that has a UFO club. We pick 10 quilt items that are started but not finished. We put $10 in the pot to begin. We number a paper from 1-10 and list the UFOs on that page (with the one that will take the longest to finish at number 10). Number 10 is due last. The order the rest of them must be finished is determined by a draw of cards at our monthly meetings. For example, at our next meeting someone will draw a number card (1-9). If the number is 3, we will look on our list to see what our Number 3 UFO is. That UFO must be finished by the next meeting. If it isn't, $5 must be paid to the "banker." Each month a new number is drawn. This has been a VERY good incentive to get these projects finished. It isn't the money so much as it is that no one wanted to be the first one to not get done! This has also helped to put a stop to unnecessary quilting purchases. We found ourselves questioning whether we could get finished with something else. Another advantage was that we were so fired up about getting these UFOs done that it spurred us on to finishing some things that weren't on our "official" UFO list. We are starting our second year of the club this month. I have enough projects to last quite a long time!

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