Monday, August 19, 2019

Retreat—Nashville, Indiana

I just got back from another quilt retreat. This one was in Nashville, Indiana, at the Cornerstone Inn. The participants of this retreat come from a lot of different places—Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, Florida. I only get to see (most of the participants) twice a year, so I would hate to miss this one. 

This is the first time I’ve seen these girls since Nate died. I’m was a little concerned about how hard it would be for me and how I’d react during this first contact, but the support and love I felt from everyone was truly heartwarming. I managed not to get too “weepy” and had a really good time. (This is a hard week for me. Our anniversary was on the 16th, and my birthday is on the 19th.)

I worked on my butterfly migration (as usual). I got over 250 pieces for it drawn, fused, and cutout. I added several of those to the background fabric. (In the picture, it is fused to my “Goddess Sheet” and will be fused to the background next.)

I DID begin the hand blanket stitching around the outside of one of my other pieces. I also cut along the edge to be sure I could cut the piece away from the background. Once that is finished and it is cut out, the problem will be how to hang it without it “flopping” forward. 

Here are some pictures from the retreat. This is one productive bunch of girls (and I didn’t get pictures of everything).

It is SO nice to have good friends. 

5 comments: said...

Have you considered verticle stays (similar to a horizontal rod) but made from light plastic or stays (corset type) sleeves stitched on/to the back? If it needs several you could stagger them vertically... to help hold many areas 'up'. Glad to hear you are finding your footing.

D Cresanto said...

I WAS a VERY GOOD retreat... you did fine, except the time you had us all crying ��... love you

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It appears from these photos that all of the participants have such complicated (many pieces) projects. Keeps you all busy I am sure. I love that hanging. I hope you get it figured out how you will make it behave. Good for you keep plowing through.

dana said...

OMG! Three retreats back to back! I'm worn out just thinking about it! Looks and sounds like you've gotten your groove going on again. Keep the pictures coming. Love looking at all the progress.

susan said...

Productive and so varied! I'm so glad to see the parts you were working on, too. I have that same birthday anniversary thing sandwiched between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What were we thinking??? But you made it through. The first of everything is the hardest. The other years are only hard. =) <3