Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Quilt Retreat—Days 1 and 2

I am currently at a quilting retreat with friends. I haven’t done much creating for many months, and I was a bit concerned about whether I could concentrate long enough to get ANYTHING done. I HAVE managed to do a bit (and write this blog post).

For the first two days, I worked on my “butterfly migration” art quilt. This is a VERY time consuming endeavor. Each piece is hand drawn, hand fused, cut out with scissors, and hand applied to the foundation.

This is what I have finished so far.

I also basted this “little person” to the background (although all the black will be cut away). This piece is almost five feet tall. I have some of the hand quilting done, but there is more hand quilting and machine quilting to come. My plan is to do a tight hand blanket stitch all around the outside of the piece (in black) and cut the excess batting and backing away. I’m thinking I’ll be putting some light wire onto the back so when the piece is hung it won’t “flop” forward.
Here are some of the things my friends are working on.
Left—Robin with her table runner. Top right—Mary Lou with her quilt (Patience Corners—Connecting Threads), and Vicky with her baby quilt—check out the big ric-rac.
Left—Debbie with her blue and white quilt. Top right—Vicky’s neutral quilt. Bottom right—Neva’s baby quilt.
Mary Lou is working on her row-by-row quilt.

Some REALLY interesting things happen at retreats—this guy showed up in someone’s bed!
Lora (who owns the retreat center) is working on a quilt by Lori Holt from her book, Vintage Christmas.

Being with friends is good therapy, and that’s a good thing; because I have ANOTHER retreat next week!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I so enjoy seeing what goes on during the retreats you participate in. All of you ladies are so creative and are an inspiration to me. My eyes and brain would cross trying to get your butterflies flying correctly on the quilt top. I really like your hanging person. I would have nightmares if I found that guy in my bed. ha... Too much fun.

Robbie said...

So glad you got to attend a retreat! Always good for the soul!!! Love your “butterfly migration” piece! Just beautiful!!

dana said...

I'm sure your retreat was a real pick-me-up. You really got a lot done. I always love looking at all the projects. No two are ever alike. Enjoy your next one also!