Friday, August 10, 2018

More Extreme Embroidery & Hexies

One of my "Extreme Embroidery" students just sent me pics of her finished projects. Thanks so much, Linda. I'm thrilled to see and share these finished works of art.
This is a picture of Linda's pin. It is an original design. I think it is BEAUTIFUL!
This is a framed piece titled "Autumn Pieces" and is a pattern by Aunt Susie's House. Linda used some variegated floss from Weeks Dye Works. It is done all in French knots using two strands of floss. She wrapped the needle only once with the thread. 
This is what I've been doing this week--working on my Kingfisher Quilt. I have added all the borders and now will be adding some hand appliquéd triangles in the 2nd border (the largest light border). I debated about even adding the triangles, because I liked how it looked without them. Before I made the final decision, though, I pinned the triangles on the quilt while it was on my design wall. I LOVED it with the triangles. They just add that little "spark" that makes the quilt a bit different from the "usual." I'll post a pic when that is finished. Who knows when that will be, though!

I DO have a retreat coming up, so stay tuned for some photos from that. Maybe I'll get some of the triangles appliquéd onto this quilt during that retreat.


Robbie said...

It's a compliment to you, Beth, for the wonderful work your students have created!!! You all should be proud! said...

Those light triangle really pull the center up/out... so it is also brighter! Love it!!!

Lisa Greenbow said...

I am fascinated by the extreme embroidery. These are great!
The Kingfisher came together rather quick. I love the hexie motif.

Susan Nixon said...

Linda's work is wonderful! It must feel great to have a student take an idea and run with it like that. Your hex project is looking great. I love the backgrounds.