Thursday, March 1, 2018

Thank You

As I have gone through my Dad’s illness and death, there have been constant sources of “help” for me. My family has been there every step of the way, of course; my friends have been there too. From listening to my worries to comforting me at his passing, my friends have been there to support me.

I’m thankful that Dad is no longer in pain. I worry about my step-mom, who has Alzheimer’s and is having a rough time comprehending that he is gone. I’m thankful for my family who have been there to help and comfort me. I am thankful to my friends for lending an ear, sending cards, commiserating with me, and trying to keep me busy.

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to me and my family. May you all be so blessed to have such good friends and such a loving family.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Despite losing your Father you are blessed. Hugs.

Robbie said...

So sorry that you and your family still have to deal with your Step mom and her condition. We have gone through this and it's not easy for anyone. Hope you and the family will gain strength from each other for this next phase. Hugs..

Anonymous said...

These are what we call tender mercies of the Lord. I'm so glad you have blessings to balance the grief a little bit.