Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Evansville Extreme Embroidery Class

I recently had the opportunity to teach my “Extreme Embroidery” class to a group in Evansville. We had a great time. The group posed for a class photo.

There were lots of great designs and beautiful work.

One of the students had already finished her pin and had started a new piece before a week had passed!

I always love it when I get to see some of the finished pieces. If you would like a class on “Extreme Embroidery,” get in touch!


Ronda K. said...

Wow! These students produced some awesome looking pieces!!! Beth, this is such a fun class!!!!!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Love this form of embroidery. Great class work. I like to see the end results too.

Robbie said...

A good teacher sees good results from her students! Yea to you all!

Anonymous said...

Those are really great! They worked hard on their projects, I can tell. What fun to work with new people and teach something you love.