Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quilts=Art=Quilts 2017 Pics1

I have already posted pictures of the award winners ( and artists speaking about their work ( Now, (in this post and the next) I’ll be showing you pics of some of the remaining work at the exhibit. You will be amazed.

Please respect the rights of the artist. DO NOT copy or use these pictures in any way without the artist’s permission.

I spent a lot of time in front of this quilt. If you look closely at the detail photo you can see the lacy cutout of fabric used to represent lichen. WOW! How did she do that? The use of color is fabulous.
(Top, left)—The neutral palette and graphic nature of the quilt drew me in. (Bottom, right)—The colored pencils against the white text fabric is very striking. It has always been hard for me to effectively use a “busy” background and still have the main “characters” of the piece still stand out. That is done very effectively in this piece.
Ellen Wong had two pieces chosen for the exhibit. These are two VERY different quilts. The one on the left is one of the quilts used on the Schweinfurth site to publicize the exhibit.
I immediately recognized the work of Niraja Lorenz. She has had work at The Carnegie in the Form Not Function exhibit. I LOVE the stark contrast of the reds, blacks, and whites in this piece.
Some quilts tell a story or start a dialog while others push the boundaries of the artist’s work. Doesn’t the “ribbon” look three dimensional? Don’t miss the iron (in the bottom piece) in the upper right corner; it is almost hidden.
(Top)—I am really drawn to text in art. I think it is interesting that the artist covered/hid some of the writing with white. I could really relate to this artist statement. How about you? (Bottom)—I love the artist’s use of materials other than cloth. The combination of paper, interfacing, and tea bag liners is very effective in this piece. The texture is really interesting, too.
If you follow my blog at all, you know I’m a big fan of hand stitching. The meticulous hand stitching is such a nice addition to this piece. I also really like the subtle colors with the red contrast.
Marianne Williamson was one of the artists that spoke about her piece during the opening weekend at the Schweinfurth. She said she has no preplanned ideas about what the piece will look like when she starts it. I was fascinated with the texture of the piece (which you can see in the detail shot).
This “kimono” quilt is one that requires a closer look. There are lots of details that can only be seen up close.

I’ll be showing the rest of my pics in my next post. There are more fabulous quilts to come. Stay tuned.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Absolutely adore the Lichenology quilt. I love all the texture and colors of lichen. I can't tell you how many pictures of lichen I have taken over the years.

Robbie said...

Each of these pieces are fantastic! I love the hand stitching too...they are all amazing!!! Thanks for the share!

Dana Kroeger said...

Some of these quilts I don't "get". Yet the ones I do are just fantastic. Thanks for posting and I'm looking forward to the rest. Glad you are having a good time at this show.