Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Some Extreme Embroidery and a Mini-Retreat

One of the students from the "Extreme Embroidery" workshop I taught to a group of LAFTA (Louisville Fiber and Textile Artists) members a couple of weeks ago sent me pictures of the work she has completed. I thought I'd share those with you. A couple of people asked to actually SEE some of the pins as my pictures of the workshop didn't get detailed enough for those to be seen. 
All of the students drew up the design for a pin they wanted to work on. This is the pin Marliese started in class. She finished it before the week was up. Since that time, she has finished another one.
This, too, is an original design. I hope I get to see some of the other pins (and more of Marliese's) or little pieces of art the other students finish, and I hope to share some more with you. This week has been a stretch of intense work for me and a friend of mine. Daren joined me and we each worked on our own projects in my studio. She had some deadline work to get finished along with a quilt of her own she wanted to piece. I took a few pics.
This is Daren working on a piece for an upcoming exhibit. She hand dyes ALL the fabric she works with. In this pic she is "testing" out fabrics for a design she has in mind.
This is what it looked like when she finished it. (Notice she changed the orientation of the work.) She brought this piece down to finish the facing and sew on a sleeve. She gave me permission to show it to you.
I'm STILL working on my small flag quilt. (I don't work NEARLY as fast as Daren!) I finished appliquéing the stars onto it, tore all the stabilizer off the back, and started working on the quilting design.
Of course, we spent a little time hitting a couple of my favorite eating places while she was here. We went the Schnitzelbank and to the Chicken Place. She (and I) enjoyed the German food and the friend chicken. Real life sets back in tomorrow. I have to go back to cooking, cleaning, laundry, babysitting, etc. I wonder when I'll get back to the flag.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like her fabrics. The design is neat too.
Good luck with your flag project. Life does get in the way of preferred work. Just keep on...

Anonymous said...

What great pins she made! I especially like the earth one. Thanks for sharing your sewing time with a friend. It looks like she did some major design excitement, and wow, what a lot of star sewing! Much easier with a friend's companies.