Thursday, March 9, 2017

Always Working

To say I'm ALWAYS working on my "forever" hexie project is an understatement. I was going through some photos on my iPad (trying to get things organized and old photos deleted), and ran across an assortment of hexie pics. Just to show you how much I work on it, here are SOME of the pics.
I've stitched hexies while on MANY vacations. This picture is from our Destin, FL, trip this year. (Hexies have gone with me to MANY places--Niagara Falls, Arkansas, Tennessee, Colorado, every doctor, dentist, and optometrist appointment I've been to in the last few years, to guild meetings, stitching group meetings, and general meetings, on trips to visit friends and relatives, etc., etc., etc.)
I've stitched hexies with my cat (Libby).
 I've stitched more hexie parts than I can count. (Many of which I HAVE NOT taken a photos of.)
I've stitched hexies at NUMEROUS retreats.
I've tried to put what I have done on my design wall and photograph it. It has now gotten too large to do a very good job of that.
And I continue to work on it almost every single day.


Denny1600 said...

Good for you! It's looking beautiful.

Dana Kroeger said...

Sorry to say the first thing that came to my mind was the old phrase, "You are a glutton for punishment"! I will say, you have really stayed with it and it will be a master piece when it's finished!

Robbie said...

I had to laugh because I have a few projects just like this. Seems to take forever doesn't it! My squirrel is at that point right now too! I love this piece you are doing! It is going to be worth every second of effort you've put into it!!!

Lisa Greenbow said...

A well traveled quilt. It is magnificent. One I can't imagine attempting.