Friday, March 17, 2017

Retreat Work

First, I taught a workshop on my "Extreme Embroidery" pins for my LAFTA (Louisville Area Fiber and Textile Artists) group. LAFTA offers free workshops taught BY its members FOR its members. I have attended several of these workshops and have learned A LOT from them. I was asked to conduct a workshop and readily agreed--I needed to do a little payback.  I had such a talented group of ladies in my workshop. They were quick learners and got a good start on some beautiful pins. I had fun; I sure hope they did.
I hope I get the chance to see some of their finished pins.
The day after this workshop, I went to an artist retreat in Kentucky. My friends there worked on a WIDE variety of projects--traditional quilts, art quilts, newspaper clipping, embroidery, knitting, photography, mixed media, and more. I took a few pictures. It isn't always easy to take pics at this retreat because some of the items are being made for entry into shows where pre-show photography isn't permitted.
I worked on a baby quilt,  
and I started work on two flag quilts--one large and one small. 
The top pictures show my progress on the tops. The bottom pic shows my progress on the remaining rows. I'm really happy with the work I got done during the retreat. Now if I can just keep that momentum up at home. It doesn't look good so far, though. I haven't done ANY sewing today--cooking, laundry, unpacking things from the retreat, and babysitting for the grandson took precedence. I DO have a virtual retreat and a mini-retreat with a friend of mine coming up. Maybe the work will continue then. We'll see. I did get one picture of a finished project. Pamela finished binding her quilt and finished her pillow shams. I think she likes purple!!!
One of the girls greeted us one morning with this display out on the grass. (She has quite a sense of humor.) Just in case you can't read it, it says, "Surrender Dorothy." (She reminded us that it is a quote from The Wizard of Oz.) It is made from yarns she has knitted.
I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this retreat. I got to spend some time with friends I don't see very often, AND I had uninterrupted time to work on some important projects. If you get a chance to go to a retreat, take it!


Unknown said...

Love the "critter" quilt! The flags look cool!

Dana Kroeger said...

I bet with the wide variety of projects you are proficient in, I think you would be a natural at teaching any class. I couldn't blow up the pictures enough to get a good look at the "pins". Could you show a close up of one? I ALWAUS LOVE READING AND LOOKING AT ALL YOU ARE INTO.

Lisa Greenbow said...

I too would like to see the pins your attendees made. They look like patches at this stage. I love the colors of the child quilt you have made. I like purple too. :)

Quilter Beth said...

A couple of you have asked for closer pictures of the pins the students were working on. I'm sorry, but I didn't take any pictures that were close enough to show any detail on them. (I tried.) Maybe some of the workshop participants will send me a picture when they finish along with permission to publish the picture. Thanks for asking, though.

Anonymous said...

I just love those flags. Thanks for the photos. Once again, I'm jealous of your retreats. LOL