Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Virtual Quilt Retreat 2

I'm getting ready for my quilt guild's second virtual retreat on Facebook. We are a friendly group, and I would like to personally invite you to join us for this retreat. Gather your supplies and projects, get all your cooking and cleaning done, and get ready to sew, sew, sew. This is a really convenient retreat...you get to join like-minded sewing buddies (virtually--on-line), and you don't have to drag all your stuff anywhere! The retreat begins on Thursday, February 16 and runs through midnight on Sunday, February 19. Sew with us for all the days or jump in whenever it is convenient for you. Keep up with what everyone is doing by checking in on the Facebook page (Patoka Valley Quilters Guild). Post what you are working on, your progress all along the way, and your finished items. Add the hashtag #PVQGVR2 (which stands for Patoka Valley Quilt Guild Virtual Retreat 2) at the end of each of your posts during the retreat. I wanted to offer up a project for retreat participants (for anyone interested). I have been wanting to make a half-square triangle quilt. I also have been wanting to use one of my layer cakes I have had sitting around for awhile. I researched half-square triangle quilts and found lots and lots of ideas. I will be sharing some of my half-square triangle quilt ideas with you during the virtual retreat both on the blog and on the Patoka Valley Quilters Facebook page. Grab a couple of layer cakes--one print and one coordinating solid (or one print layer cake and cut your own 10" background squares--one for each print square in your layer cake). Sew up some quick half-square triangles.
(Be sure to put right sides together.)
Your last step is to square up your half-square triangles. I squared mine up to 4 1/2". I could do that because I took a scant 1/4" seam allowance. You may need to square yours to 4 1/4" or 4" square. Square ALL your half-square triangles to the same size--either 4 1/2", 4 1/4", or 4". 
Get your half-square triangles done and stay tuned for LOTS of ideas on how to use these half-square triangles. I'll be posting some suggestions on Thursday (when the virtual retreat starts).


Robbie said...

If I wasn't so busy eating and drinking here in Florida, I'd join your retreat! HA Have fun...look forward to seeing what ya all do!

Paul Nixon said...

I hate blogspot. LOL It always eats my comments. This is the one quick tip I don't mind because it doesn't have bias edges. I hope the next post shows what you made. =)