Saturday, December 10, 2016

December 2016--Retreat 1

This month, I had the opportunity to attend two retreats. These retreats couldn't be more different. One is a "quilt" retreat; the other is a "fiber artist" retreat. This blog post will concentrate on the first retreat. I'll be posting one about the second retreat at a later date. The first retreat is held in an "apartment" above the "Quilt in a Day" store in downtown Paducah, KY. It is such a nice space for a retreat.
The biggest drawback to this space is that we have to go up 24 steep steps to get to the retreat center. Lugging all the stuff we bring to retreats up these 24 stairs is VERY taxing. We have found a way around that, though. We have a young guy we call who will carry up ALL of our retreat supplies. It only takes him about 15-20 minutes, and he earns $40--a win/win for all of us.  Friends from Tennessee and Indiana meet here for four days of fun (and work). There is lots of talking, laughing, sharing, visiting, and fun. Eight of us attended this year's retreat. Everyone works on their own projects. We always go out to dinner the first night and make a stop at a grocery store before we go back to the retreat center. We don't go out to eat again while we are there. We take turns cooking meals for the rest of the time. We used to fix breakfast, lunch, and supper; but we ALWAYS had too much food. Last year we tried just cooking brunch and supper; this worked out great. We never lack for good food and not going out to eat saves us a lot of sewing time (and money).
I'm pretty proud of myself in this picture--I'm eating healthy (salad). The second day we always venture out to some local quilt shops and Hancock's of Paducah. I really didn't need much (but what has "need" got to do with it, really). I bought an LED light (that was on sale for $7), a quilt magazine, a large crochet hook, a cheap iron (mine quit working while I was there), and a gift or two. 
Here we are at Hancock's.
 This is some of us at Calico Country.
I didn't have the best of luck at this retreat. My iron quit working AND my Featherweight sewing machine wouldn't keep the correct tension. The machine would sew along just fine and all the sudden loops would form on the underside of the seam. Then, it would sew just fine and then loop again. It would switch back and forth between sewing fine and sewing "crappy." Before I gave up on using the machine, I sewed three of my 365 blocks and some pieces for my charity quilt projects.
Luckily, I brought some hand-sewing projects along too. I spent the rest of my time working on my "forever" hexie project.  Here are some pictures from the retreat.
Pam finished this quilt and some matching pillowcases for a gift.
Gayla finished a Raiders quilt (also a gift).
Debby finished this quilt top. It is made with construction-themed fabric.
Michelle brought this top along. I WANT this fabric. 
We all had a nice space in which to work with cutting and ironing stations available. Rulers, irons, and mats were all provided for us. 
Pam had these flamingo slippers. Since my sister and I have a "flamingo thing" going, I'm thinking I REALLY need to get her some. Aren't they cool?
If you are a quilter and attend retreats you all know that what happens at retreat stays at retreat!


Robbie said...

You always have the best time at your retreats! And even accomplish things even though your machine and iron were 'resting'! HA I'm sure you made great progress on your hexie project!

Lisa Greenbow said...

I can see that you all had a good time. I like all the quilts you showed us. The Raider quilt reminds me of my one and only effort. Fun.

Dana Kroeger said...

Sounds like a really fun retreat! More pretty projects just like I expected.

Anonymous said...

Blogger is giving me fits! LOL Thanks for sharing such great photos of both the people and the quilts. It shows that you were all having a great time. Love the idea of having a carrier for the machines!