Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Retreating" Again

I am SO fortunate to be able to go to several retreats a year. I get to be with friends, enjoy uninterrupted time to work, and eat great food. This year my quilt guild decided to try a summer retreat. It was not well attended, but those who were there had a MARVELOUS time--we had LOTS of room (I had two large tables to myself, which is good since I tend to spread out a bit!), and we had four full days to work.

I worked on my newest art project (which I'll talk more about in another post) and my 365 Challenge blocks. I was VERY happy with what I got done. It doesn't look like a lot, but I DID figure out HOW I am going to make my art piece--which is HUGE. (Oooooo, who does that sound like?) Just figuring that out took quite a lot of time.

Here is my progress on that. (I have A LOT to go.)

The white around the outside edge will be gone when the piece is appliqu├ęd to the black background. I was so excited when I figured it out that I "forgot" to eat lunch that day!

I only worked on my 6-inch, light 365 Challenge blocks for one day. I got these blocks finished and two others almost finished. (I cut some of the pieces incorrectly for those two and didn't bring any extra fabric along to make the corrections.)

If you would like to see what everyone else did at the retreat, click here.

We always have people who drop in to see what we are doing. I'm amazed that people will just walk into a building (uninvited) that is clearly marked with a "Private Event" sign. With that being said, we really don't mind to share what we are doing when people do drop by and a FEW of those people were told about the retreat and invited to drop in by the workers at the event center. We particularly enjoyed a visit by a young new quilter. She was VERY enthusiastic and wanted to learn all she could. She visited one day and came back to spend most of the afternoon with us the next day.

Everyone gave Taylor a mini-lesson on what they were doing. (Wish you lived closer; we'd love to have you as a member of our guild.)

Another big plus for me was that my name was drawn out first for an attendance prize! Wooohooooo! I won 17 solid fat quarters. I often use solids in my art pieces and was thrilled to increase my solid fabric stash.



Robbie said...

Where was the retreat held? The grand daughter's wedding was at the Double Tree Event Center in Lawrencebury, IN....what a great event hotel! Like your 'huge' piece you are working on!!
Of course your 6" pieces are great!!! Nicely done! Kudo's to you for even doing this 365 project!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Don't you love the feeling when you work through lunch. It is like taking a holiday and so much is accomplished. It make one feel alive, or is that hungry?? ;) Love the colors of your winnings. Fun to see all that was made. Lucky are those that drop by.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like another wonderful retreat, and I see you did make good progress. The thinking part takes a lot of time! That and digging out just the right fabrics. =) I do like the start of your new piece, and will love seeing it progress. Taylor looks like a sweetheart, and I bet she wishes she lived closer, too!

Taylor Lauryn said...

It was very nice meeting you all and I have learned so much. I am currently working on a new project and everyone's advice helped so much. Peace and Blessings.