Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Paducah Quilt Show 2016

After being so disappointed with the vendors at the Chicago Quilt Show, I was REALLY hoping the vendors at Paducah would be better--I was not disappointed. Here are my purchases.

I bought $5 AQS books, fabric, a stencil, some thread, a magazine, a VERY small cutting mat (to use with my 365 Challenge blocks), and some miscellaneous items. My best buys were the $5 books and the $3 a yard fabric (the black and white with the lime stack in the left corner of the pic). I bought a jellyroll and two charm packs of Grunge from Moda. I just love that fabric. I was glad to find various reds and oranges for a project I'll be working on soon. I also bought a couple of tops, a vest, and two pairs of shoes. I have a little bitty Tutto coming where I will house my Featherweight. Obviously, I found the vendors to be much better (for me) than those at Chicago.

I enjoyed the quilts here, but I think Chicago was better for me for several reasons.

  • the ease with which I could view and photograph the quilts
  • there were more "art" quilts
  • the quilt "stories" were displayed

I do want to share a few of the quilts I liked in Paducah. (This show is a REALLY difficult one to photograph. There is NO way to get a good picture of the quilts on the sides of the three-sided display nooks. That is where all the quilts are located when you see a picture that is very wonky.)

I just love black and white quilts. These were my favs. (Top-Untamed Symphony by Sheila Frampton-Cooper, Bottom Left-Black & White Crayons by Lynne Tyler, Bottom Right-Can You See (M)E Now?)

People grouping--(Left-Summer Wind by Marina Landi, Middle-Life's Journey by Devon W. Pfeif, Right-Le Reve (The Dream) After Pablo Picasso by Lynn Isenberg)

Nature grouping--(Top Left to Right--Out on a Limb by Thelma V. Bearden and Desert Moon by Judy Beskow; Bottom Left to Right--Singing Bird by Sumie Nishimura and Sunkissed by Theresa Olson)
Linear/Geometric grouping--(Top Left to Right--Dog Walks Girl by Pam Beal and Blueberry Green Teas by Marcia DeCamp; Bottom Left to Right--Las Ventanas by Kristin Shields and Bohemian by Judi Madsen)

Circle-themed quilts--(Top Left to Right-Life by Yoshiko Katagiri and Pompom Mum by Reiko Naganuma; Bottom-R.E.M. Rapid Eye Movement by Sonia Grasvik)

From my pictures, I guess you can tell I'm a modern/art quilt lovin' gal.

Some friends and I met up at Flamingo Row for a great meal and some visiting.

All in all it was a really fun trip.


Lisa Greenbow said...

And a good time was had by all. I love all the quilts you show us from this show. The people quilts always amaze me. I guess because I couldn't draw a person let alone make a portrait with fabric. The butterfly quilt is yummy. I like all the nature quilts.

Dana Kroeger said...

Good to see you! Loved seeing the quilts. I still prefer more traditional ones but some of these are really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Desert Moon and All the Crayons in the Box are my two favorites of these, though there aren't any I don't like. I hear such varying reports on Paducah! Did you find it very crowded? Your $3/yd. fabric is fabulous! It looks like you did well with the vendors there. Thanks for sharing.