Friday, April 8, 2016

365 Challenge Update

I have been spending some time working on my 365 Challenge blocks. Several of the blocks, this time, have used a mitered corner to make block segments. I did ONE of them that way; I HATE doing it. The others, presented using that method, I chose to do a different way. I am stumped on one of them, but I will figure something out. These are the new ones I have finished. These are all still supposed to be "dark" blocks (although she has incorporated some mediums into the mix). I just love that bottom 6" block.

Most of the blocks up until now have been 3" finished blocks. As you can see, some 6" finished blocks are being presented. I'm still enjoying the piecing--not the cutting so much.

Of course, I'm still working on my hexagon forever project, my extreme embroidery, and my game boards for the Play with Me Quilt Along. I also have a new art quilt drawn up and am currently shopping for some reds to use in that piece. This is one of the many reasons I love quilting--the variety of different things I can do within the scope of quilt art. I NEVER get bored!


Lisa Greenbow said...

Whew, you are such a busy lady. I do so enjoy your quilts and embroidery projects. Keep em coming.

Anonymous said...

Your blocks look great together! I find that when I have such small pieces, my hands can hardly deal with them! I had 1.25 inch squares in two recent blocks and they drove me crazy! You're working with some that are smaller than that, so I guess I won't make those blocks in that size, if I make any like that.

Dana Kroeger said...

Yes you are one busy lady! I just love all your projects and wish I had the energy to keep up with you! Keep the pictures coming.