Sunday, April 24, 2016

More from the Chicago Quilt Show 2016

The In Full Bloom exhibit is always a favorite of mine. This one really looked like cherry blossoms; I guess that is why it is called Cherry Blossoms at Night (by Makiko Aoki).

Foliage (Gabriele DiTota) has three dimensional blooms. I thought it was interesting that she quilted the piece and then monoprinted it.
I love Susan Brubaker Knapp's Old Red Door. I really needed a closer look at this one. It truly looked like a weathered door; the texture was SO realistic. This is a whole-cloth painted quilt.

Affinity for Improve & Love of the Line (Leslie Tucker Jenison) really drew me in. I find very geometric designs SO appealing. I like the colors, movement, and repetitive nature of this quilt.

It took me a minute to see the word in this quilt. Do you see it? The maker, Kathy York, says, "As I get older, I find that I am increasingly attracted to the idea of repetition. I find a peaceful meditative quality in repetitive tasks. These are represented abstractly in Dot." I find that to be true for me too.

Survivor, by Jennifer Benoit-Bryan, affected me more than any other quilt in the show. She says, "At some point in life, most people live through a terrible event. In my case, I struggled to label myself, but neither survivor nor victim felt completely right; although, I felt much closer to the victim side. This quilt represents the shift I've experienced over many years along the continuum toward the survivor side, while the victim label has faded into the background." I found it very powerful and thought provoking.

There are many other quilts from this show I really liked--WAY too many to show you. I just got back from the Paducah quilt show and have a few of those quilts to share later this week.



Anonymous said...

I loved seeing these quilts, especially the cherry blossoms. I could read the word! That last one is thought provoking. I look forward to seeing what you found photo worthy at Paducah!

Lisa Greenbow said...

I never tire of seeing the diversity of quilts you show us. I like all of these.