Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Weekly Pattern Wednesday--Pattern 18

This week's pattern is just a doodle. I still haven't had the time to make a colored version. I am getting some good ideas for new pieces from some of my doodles. I find that it frees my mind and calms me down. Give it a try!

As usual, I'll try to link up with Lynn Krawczyky's Weekly Pattern Wednesday. I checked her Facebook page, but didn't see a place to link up yet. I guess her website/blog is still having server issues. With this said, I think (from now on) I'll just forego trying to link up with Lynn. I'm just going to post my patterns whenever the urge strikes me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I hate blogger. LOL It just ate my comment with a Whoops! error, yet again (twice!). Okay, Love the design. I'm wondering how I could turn that top curves-and-angles part into a CQ seam. This really makes me itch for a longarm!

Robbie said...

This is a cool doodle! So many different strokes!! I've stopped... :( Just too much going o now to add another deadline to my schedule...I dislike 'deadlines' and seem to keep into into them!
Again...nice pattern...this would look good printed on fabric too!