Saturday, October 17, 2015

Weekly Pattern Saturday?--Pattern 19/Retreat #2

I'm behind this week because I've been to another retreat, and we are currently in Arkansas visiting my son's family. I got home from the retreat on Wednesday evening and left for Arkansas Thursday morning--not much time to get my pattern posted, laundry done, things put away from the retreat, and pack for the trip.

Here is the pattern that should have been posted Wednesday.

I think the center looks like a headless snake! It makes me miss our pet snake Rusty (an albino corn snake).

Evidently I was too busy working on my own things to take many pictures. Here's a stack and whack block Cindy made. I really like how it is set together.

I worked on a couple of pieces for an exhibit (Dialogues: Contemporary Responses to Marie Webster Quilts) I'd like to get into. This is the progress I've made so far.
I drew the pattern, enlarged it, and cut pieces from the fabrics I had chosen. I have to put a center on the piece where all the pieces meet. (I'm thinking of twisting some black silk strips, shaping those into a circle, and stitching them down with some red French knots. I hope I'll like a three-dimensional center.) I also have to stitch around each separate piece of fabric (and there are a lot in this piece). I'll be working on this during my next retreat, which starts on the 23rd. I will also need to do some embroidery around some of the pieces to keep the white chevrons and dots from disappearing into the background. Then, I'll sandwich it and quilt it. I'd love to hand quilt it, but time restraints might prevent that. I sure hope I get it finished in time. If not, I like the piece anyway.
Here is the beginning of the other piece.
I know it is pretty hard to tell what is going on in this picture. You could tell a bit better if you look back at my Weekly Pattern #16--scroll down a bit. We have a crayon challenge going on in our guild. We drew three crayons--mine were red, orange, and purple. From those colors (and any we want to add), we are supposed to make "something." The top has to be finished in time for the reveal in January. I was happy when I drew the red and orange (those are my colors), but the purple "threw me for a loop."



Lisa Greenbow said...

You are a busy girl. A lot of inspiration on this post. Love all the patterns and color. Have a good visit.

Robbie said...

I agree with are a busy lady!!! But productive! I've stopped the weekly pattern... :( Just so much to do and I dislike deadlines...sooooo off to do some projects that have REAL due dates! HA

Dana Kroeger said...

Love these two new pieces you're working on. I wish I could create instead of recreating what I see. Can't wait to see these finished.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking one of those indoor gardens with glass all around - conservatory? =) I love her stack-n-whack, haven't seen one done that way. I love your red and black quilt - fits right in with all the Wednesday patterns!