Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Retreat 1--PUPs UFO Retreat in Memphis

I'm a lucky girl; I get to go to three quilt retreats in October. The first retreat was this past weekend in Memphis. I travel six hours to get to this retreat, but it is SO worth it. It had the three most important ingredients for a successful retreat--friends, food, and fabric. The people at the retreat are fantastic, the retreat center is beautiful, the food is great, and we even have an on-site vendor. There is a lot of sewing, visiting, and eating done--not necessarily in that order.

The retreat started on Friday at 2 pm and ended Sunday at 2 pm. (I had to leave on Sunday a bit earlier than most everyone else; I had a bit further to drive home than most.) One of the nice things about this retreat is that there is a "greeting committee." You pull your car up to the door and "luggage fairies" unpack your car and take your things to the sewing room and to your assigned bedroom. It makes getting started just a bit easier.

As you can see from the picture (if you look closely at the window), we have a beautiful location for the retreat. We are in the woods; the retreat center is surrouded by trees. The only problem with the sewing room is that I just didn't have enough room. However, I NEVER have enough room when I sew; I tend to spread out (as do most quilters).

Everyone brings snacks. If you take a look at our snack table, you might think we all thought we would starve while at the retreat.

This retreat is really nice, because we don't have to leave for ANYTHING. All meals are provided, and (as you can see) we have plenty of snacks. Lots of us sew for the two days in our pajamas--no makeup, no bras, comfy. We didn't have to leave to make quilty purchases either--thanks Susie. (There were bolts of fabrics I didn't get pictures of.)

I worked on fleece scarves making six for the quilt guild to sell at a crafts fair and four for gifts and personal use. I asked for volunteers to model them for me. Of course, I like both pictures, but I think the bottom picture is MUCH better. Before I took that picture, I told them they really needed to "work it, work it." I just know there are some budding models in that picture!

Here are some other things that made an appearance at the retreat. (I didn't get pictures of everything.)

There were jellyroll quilts. (Frieda and Jan)

There were star quilts. (Ginger)

There were charity quilts. (Ellie and Susie)

There were fall quilts. (Tanya and Pam)

There were gifts made for grandchildren. The Humpty Dumpty "pillow" is a family tradition. Julie's grandmother made them for her grandchildren (Julie had one as a child.), her mother made them for her grandchildren, and she is carrying on the tradition for her grandchildren. The outer covering can be taken off the "pillow form" and washed; it really is a pillow.

There were quilts made for new babies. Michelle started two tops. It is easy to spot the deer in the picture, but see if you can find the woodpecker, racoon, fox, rabbits, and owl. How much fun will this quilt be for a little one.

There were some FF Projects (Finally Finished) projects. As far as I can remember, these ladies (Kristin and Susan) told me they had been working on these for awhile and were very glad to get the tops finished.

How sweet is this little owl quilt. The owls are an original Ginger Stern design, and the quilt was made by Kristin. The inset photo is a closeup of one of the owls.

There were lots more projects completed, but evidently I was distracted at the time they were shown and didn't get pictures. My apologies to those I missed.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I love it when you go on these outings. I am always inspired to do something. Not sewing usually but just seeing all of these projects gets my creative juices going.

Robbie said...

You are so lucky to attend these retreats! I really enjoy seeing all the pics of quilts (as well as food!)...looks like a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

That was great! And you were only the width of Tennessee away from me for the weekend - about 8 hours if one drives the speed limit. That looks like a fabulous group of friends, a great place to retreat, and a lot of beautiful work finished!