Thursday, June 11, 2015

Form, Not Function 2015--Continued

This is my second post about this year's Form, Not Function exhibit. If you haven't (and want to) you can read the first post here. I'd like to say, one more time, that if you can get to this exhibit you DEFINITELY should. It is at the The Carnegie Center for Art & History in New Albany, Indiana. (Pictures just do not do the pieces justice.) Check out details in the menu on the side of this blog post under "Upcoming Quilting/Fiber Arts Events."

"Tracking Passion" (machine quilted) by Elena Stokes has some great texture. I don't know if you can see from the picture, but there are some deep purple strips in the black section--I love the depth it adds. The red focal point draws your eye into the piece.

As many of you know, I'm am really into hexies these days. I think that is why I was drawn to this piece.

Kayla White's "Piecing Together Disaster" (cotton, acrylic ink, hand printed, machine quilted) uses colors I like to work with--red, black, white. The distribution of color across the piece is very successful. I also really enjoyed the different prints on the hexies. Here is a closeup so you can get a better look.

This is another piece that had some great texture. It is Kathleen McCabe's "Moonlight Mania" (fiber, machine quilted). I think it is the "spiky" nature of this piece that draws me. You all know I LOVE spikes!

This piece reminded me of Nancy Martin's "Captain Kimo" from this year's Paducah quilt show.

I'm sure, at first glance, you are wondering why they remind me of each other, but look at this closeup of "Captain Kimo." Do you see a similarity?

Last but not least was my vote for Viewer's Choice. Barbara Schneider's "Reflections: Three Days in Venice Triptych" (machine quilted) was spectacular. The pieces were large and the colorway subtle. There was applique, reverse applique, beautiful quilting, great texture, and more. I even thought the stair-step way the pieces were hung added to their appeal.

Again, if you get a chance to see this exhibit, JUST DO IT!



Lisa Greenbow said...

I wonder if Captain Kimo is for sale? I probably couldn't afford it but I covet it. It is gorgeous. So are the others but really Captian is great.

Robbie said...

VERY nice pieces!!! Very nice!