Sunday, June 21, 2015

Finished Table Runner

I finally got something totally finished. I have been working on a table runner for my daughter-in-law for awhile. My goal was to have it completed in time for us to take it down to Arkansas for her birthday--mission accomplished!

Since my new Juki sit-down quilting machine was delivered, I hadn't had any time to play with it. I was home for a little bit, so I thought I'd give it a go. I know it will take a lot of practice and some getting used to, but I have a few complaints. I had trouble with the tension. I'd get it to a point where I thought it was fixed, and I'd have trouble with it again. That happened throughout my whole quilting session--very frustrating. The other complaint is that I can't find out where to lower the pressure on the presser foot. Maybe it doesn't do that. I had trouble getting over anywhere that several seams meet. If I could reduce the pressure, I think that would help. Anyone know anything about these two probems? Of course, there was lots I loved about the machine--nice stitch, lots of table room, lots of room from the needle to the machine head. Quilting is MUCH easier; there is WAY less pulling and pushing the quilt around.

Anyway, I persisted and finished the table runner. I'm hoping I get LOTS better with my Juki, but (all in all) the table runner looks pretty good. I hope she likes it.

I even used lots of the leftover fabric for the back.


Laura McGrath said...

When I got my Babylock Tiara sit down quilter, I got a free lesson at the dealer on basics about using it. The dealer was 2 hours away, but the class was worth it, it was one on one and I got lots of information about sewing on it, best threads to use, fixing tension issues, etc. There are also lots of YouTube videos on using this model, and a Facebook group that's really helpful. I'm sure that you can find the same for Juki models like yours.

Lisa Greenbow said...

The table runner is great. Love the colors. As to your machine. Heck, I can't make my sewing machine behave so I can't be any help to you.

Robbie said...

Cool runner...always hard transition getting to know a new machine, regardless of the make! Good luck!

Unknown said...

It looks great! It will get easier the more you use it.

Anonymous said...

The table runner looks great, and you will get those problems ironed out. I'm sorry I know nothing about the machine, but someone will - perhaps the people who sold it to you? Or maybe there's a Yahoo Juki list? I know lots of the longarm machines have a list, so the sitdown machines should, too!