Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fuller Craft Museum

Our friends from Boston took us to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Massachusetts. There was supposed to be a bojagi exhibit, but it wasn't up yet. When I told one of the museum docents I was a fiber artist and had come to see the exhibit, she was nice enough to take me "behind the scenes" and show me the pieces that had come in. I REALLY enjoyed the work, but I would have loved to see it hung.

It was a gorgeous day at the museum. This is a picture of the view from one of the windows at the museum. It truly looked like a postcard.

It was such a pretty day; I really enjoyed the outdoor exhibits.

This is a ceramic piece by Eric O'Leary called Sight.

The museum just acquired this next piece by Joseph Wheelwright called Sweet Face.

I DID manage to find something I thought would look GREAT in my studio.

I love the name of this chair by Tommy Simpson. It is called My Mummy Made Me Do It!

They had an early piece by Michael James. I hadn't ever seen a whole-cloth quilt made by him, so this was a treat. I particularly like his quilting design. This piece was made in 1976 and is called Night Sky I. It is made of polished cotton.

I took this next picture because I absolutely love the vibrancy of color in this glass piece.

The piece was made by Toots Zynsky and is called Riamato. It is made of fused and thermoformed colored glass threads.

The Fuller is a beautiful little gem of a craft museum just outside of Boston. It is well worth a trip if you are nearby.


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