Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blue and White Quilts

I'm on vacation in New England, and today we were traveling around Boston with some friends. We ended up at The Charles (a hotel in Cambridge) where I found several old quilts. There were two in the main lobby--one from 1910 and one from 1880. The largest of the two was a beautiful faded red, white, and blue quilt. I tried to take pictures of both of them, but they were under glass with terrible lighting. None of those pictures came out; however, I did get pictures of several blue and white quilts on display in a huge stairwell in the lobby. There was no way for me to take a picture of the whole wall, because the stairs were in the way; but I did my best to show you how impressive the display was. There were nine blue and white quilts arranged like a giant 9-patch block on the wall behind an open staircase. These are the best pictures I could get. The quilts were gorgeous.

This was the bottom row of the "9 Patch," and the only straight shot I could get. (These are full-size bed quilts.)

From this picture, you can see the setup of the wall. You can see some of the quilts between the stairs.

This shows you the "9 Patch" arrangement. It was a really nice display, and I appreciate the fact that someone cared enough about quilts to display them so prominently in the lobby of the hotel.


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julianne judah said...

They are beautiful thanks for sharing the pictures!