Thursday, October 28, 2010


We started Sunday morning at breakfast (8:00 a.m.). That was followed by Show and Tell. Gosh, I don't know how those gals had time to finish anything...most of them attended three to six classes during the retreat! Not everyone who took the class got up to show their work. Remember you can click on the picture to enlarge it. If you click again, you can enlarge it even further.
These are samples from Sharon Schamber's "Domestic Machine Quilting" class. Those free-motion feathers were beautiful (and not that hard to do with Sharon's guidance).
Sharon Schamber also taught a "Leaf Piec-lique" class. This method looked like something I might even try (especially since I'm terrible at hand applique).
These little quilts are from Debby Cresanto's "Show Pin Quilt" class. How cute are these?
These samples are from Pat Vargo's "Mexican Stars" class. I love the variety of colors in these quilts.
Lorie Boyd (second from the left) taught this class using a "lunch bag" pattern she liked because she thought "it was cute and had lots of pockets." There were things she didn't like about the pattern, though, so she changed it to suit her purpose. She added a closure to it and made it into a purse. I think the class participants were VERY pleased with the results!
Tanja Todd-Kellum taught the "Scrappy Star Quilt" class. These blocks turned out so lively...I just loved them and was "jealous" I hadn't taken the class.
Cathy Cutter taught the "Storm at Sea Made Simple" class. Cathy showed the girls an easy technique to make these difficult blocks.
"Sunday Brunch" by Divine Inspirations is the name of the pattern used in this class. Kimberly Camou (in the back row, third from the left) was the teacher and is the designer of this quilt. Kimberly is a member of the Pickin' Up The Pieces Quilt Guild (as were all the teachers except Sharon). This quilt uses layer cakes (fabric...not food). I'm a scrap quilt lover, so I bought this pattern. Right after I bought the pattern, my name was drawn and I won the pattern. I gave it back to be drawn again, but I wish I had thought to keep it. I could have used it as a give-away prize on this blog! Oh well....
This is a picture of items from Sharon Schamber's "Corded Binding" class. The pieces are small, so you may need to click on the picture once or twice to enlarge it. You can see Cathy's corded binding on the pockets of her sweatshirt. She's in the black sweatshirt in the middle of the picture.

After Show and Tell, the drawings where done (I've already shown you the winners in a separate blog post.) Then came the live auction. We had been "teased" with these auction items the entire weekend. There were SO many things it took me two pictures to show them all.

There were 53 auction items in all. Items were donated by guild members and many individuals and organizations. The money raised during the retreat is fed right back into the fund for the next retreat. These retreats are held every other year.

The auctioneer for the evening was the retreat chairperson's (Debby Cresanto's) husband. He did a FANTASTIC job.
Debby and her husband said their goodbyes to the attendees of the "It's Raining Cats and Pups," Pickin' Up The Pieces Quilt Guild 2010 Retreat.
This retreat was just wonderful. The women of the Pickin' Up the Pieces Quilt Guild could not have been more warm and friendly to us Indiana Girls (as they called us). The hard work done by Debby's committee was evident throughout the entire weekend. I'm sure they are relieved that their work for this year is done and that the retreat was such a great success. The committee for the next retreat has been selected, and I'm sure work for the 2012 retreat has already begun. "Good job" to the 2010 committee and "good luck" to the 2012 committee.

I've shared a lot of the retreat with you all, but there are just some things that couldn't be shared with the public. You know the saying, "What happens at the quilt retreat, stays at the quilt retreat!" All I can say is, "Debby, keep an eye on the twins and that curling iron of yours!"

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Laura said...

Ok, I've been posting comments on blogs, and then they don't show up--can't figure out why. I commented that I thought retreats were just get-togethers to sew away from family obligations, housework, all those distractions. I didn't realize that classes & workshops were included! Looks like it was a great get-away, can't wait until I'm retired and can do things like this!