Thursday, October 21, 2010


Day 2 started off at 8:00 a.m. with a wonderful breakfast in the dining room. Coffee and other drinks were readily available throughout the day. Snacks were also provided after dinner (like we really needed them)!

Sharon Schamber visited with one of the PUP Quilt Guild members during a meal.
Joyce and Nancy enjoying the retreat.
Vendors had many items available for purchase at the retreat...just in case we forgot something or had to have a quilt-purchase fix.
The large sewing room was once again divided into three classrooms, and classes began at 9:00 a.m.--Sharon Schamber (Leaf Piec-lique), Tanja Todd-Kellum (Scrappy Star), and Lorie Boyd (Desk Deli Bag w/a Twist). Free sewing was also available. I spent my time free sewing; I was new to the retreat and hadn't wanted to tie myself up with too many classes. If I get the chance to go again, though, I'll be taking lots more classes.

"Leaf Piec-lique" Classroom
This is Lorie Boyd teaching the "Desk Deli Bag w/a Twist" class.
Lunch was at 12:30 followed by another round of classes--Sharon Schamber (Corded Binding), Kimberly Camou (Sunday Brunch), and Pat Vargo (Mexican Stars).

These two pictures are from the "Corded Binding" classroom.

Each retreat participant was asked to bring a quilt to put on their bed. During the day, the rooms were open for a "quilt show." This was great fun! This is my room--you might recognize the quilt I made for my Mom (on the left).
Dinner was scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Retreat participants were asked to wear their pajamas for a pajama party. Prizes were awarded for the top three "best" pajamas!
 These pajamas were ranked number one!
There was also a game called "Mannequin Dress Up." Three teams, made up of three people each, had a grocery bag full of dress-up items. Team members used the items to dress their "mannequin" (one of their team members) in a VERY short time. The "best-dressed" mannequin was determined by applause from the crowd; that team was awarded a prize.
After dinner, we were treated to Sharon Schamber's Lecture/Trunk show. We were "awed" by her talent. My pictures from that will be on an upcoming post. Check back.

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