Sunday, October 24, 2010


After dinner, the pajama party, and the Mannequin Dress Up game, Sharon Schamber showed us some of her gorgeous quilts. She talked about the quilts, answered any questions we had, and let us actually touch any piece we wanted to. She had many, many quilts to show us; I didn't get pictures of too many of them. Frankly, I was so engrossed in the display that I forgot to take pictures! Here are the pictures I took...

This quilt is called "Sitting Bull." It was made in 2002 and measures 90" x 93". It appeared in "Great American Quilts," 2004, and "American Quilter," Fall 2004.
This is a close up of "Sitting Bull."
Sharon's quilt, "A Perfect Moment," is shown in this picture. Sharon is describing the quilt and the methods she used to make the quilt. The detail in this quilt is amazing. Be sure to click on the picture to get a closer look. The quilt measures 85" X 101". Sharon made a similar quilt with a lady in green that she called "Emerald Reflections." That quilt was destroyed in a UPS truck fire while on its way to the "Quilter's Newsletter Magazine" for an article on July 30, 2000. Sharon reconstructed it after the fire; she named its "replacement" "Memories of Emerald Reflections."
I got a close up of "A Perfect Moment" when she "passed it around."
I didn't catch the name of this quilt, but she said something about an owl while she was speaking about the quilt. The circles in the quilt remind me of an owl's eyes. The hand-dyed fabrics she used are beautiful. She informed us that she does the dyeing herself. A close up is below.
The quilt top below is a work in progress. The amount of work in this top is incredible. I wish I could remember how many TINY circles she said are appliqued onto this top--I can't. I just remember that there was an audible gasp in the room when she told us.

I wish I had taken more pictures; but I didn't have the greatest seat for picture taking, and I was totally absorbed by the quilts and by her stories. If you would like to see more of Sharon's quilts and learn about her patterns, books, products, classes, and DVDs, be sure to check out her website at


Quilt or Dye said...

I have the same problem taking pictures during show and tell. I can't look and take pictures at the same time and I love looking.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the pictures and info. Hope your Daddy is doing better.

Kent Lee (the one in pink flower PJ's)