Friday, July 9, 2010

Sweet Roll Baby Quilt

I finished this baby quilt top this morning. I think it's a sweet little quilt. Here is the picture. (You can't see it real well in this picture, but the colored border around the quilt is actually made of 1" finished squares--not strips of fabric. I think you might be able to see it a bit better if you click on the picture. Then click it again; the picture enlarges even more.)
It is made from a "roll" of fabric (1 1/2" strips). The store where I purchased it called it a "sweet roll." This is made from one "Sweet Roll" and a little extra fabric from my stash for the white borders. The fabric line is from Moda and is called "Soire's" (at least that is what was on the tag). I'll post instructions for this quilt when I get a chance. It will probably be in a week or so. This is a really fun, fast, and easy quilt to make. It really looks like I did a lot more work than I actually did. Check back for the pattern.


K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

This quilt is super cute Beth. Some little baby is going to be lucky ;)

Julie Ryan said...

Now does this mean you are going to be a grandma for the second time?