Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Retreat

This past weekend I attended a three-day quilting retreat put on by Lora Nale. We had a great time and got a lot of talking, quilting, and eating done. The food table was decorated for Halloween. We were treated with goodies such as candy, cookies, nuts, mints, and carmel corn.The sewing room was set up with an entire table per person--no sharing. As you can see, we certainly needed the room. We also had the opportunity to purchase items from The Village Mercantile (Boonville, IN). Check out the wall display and quilting wares on the table--what a nice variety of items. Most everyone found an item or two they just "had" to have. If you didn't know, quilters can be a "dangerous" bunch if threatened. There was some talk about a beau treating one of our quilting friends right or else! Lookout for women wielding rotary cutters! (I told these "ladies" that they needed to look a little more "fierce" to scare anyone!)
Show and Tell was a big highlight of the retreat. I'll post pics of that in my next installment.

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