Monday, October 5, 2009

Return to Cedarhurst, a Bit on Quilt National, and a Studio Update

I mentioned how much I enjoyed Quilt National in St. Charles, MO. If you'd like to see a small snippet of things that are there, check out the short video here--

My quilting studio is still in progress. A representative with the Home Depot installers has finally given his okay for the laying of my Allure floors. They just called to give me a cost estimate. It is double what I thought it would cost me. They want all the money up front. I'm not thrilled about that, but they say that is how they handle things. I am anxious to get it done, so I'm not sure how much choice I have. I'll get pics up when and if they ever lay the floor. I think the rest of the work will go relatively quickly once the floor is done.

I promised to put some other pics from the Cedarhurst Exhibit of quilts on my blog. Here they are...
This quilt is made of beautiful autumn colors. I have to apologize to the quilt maker. I didn't get the information about this quilt, but I liked it so much I wanted to show you.The quilt below was hand appliquéd and hand quilted by Dorothy West Folsom from Mt. Vernon, IL. She says it was created using needle turn appliqué. Each block was drawn and cut using the Hawaiian Method of folding and cutting fabric. The echo quilting represents ocean waves. This quilt is Dorothy’s original pattern. Names of the flowers—reading from left to right are…Row 1: Cattails, Jack in the Pulpit, Cyclamen; Row 2: Lily, Iris, Pasture Rose; Row 3: Morning Glory, Dogwood, Petunia; Row 4: Bleeding Heart, Clematis, Tulip. The little quilt below was made by Judith Biggs from Sesser, IL. She made this Yo-Yo quilt in the truck while traveling with her husband on vacation to Maggie Valley, NC. There are 90 Yo-Yos in this miniature quilt. It is about the size of the palm of my hand!
Desert Life, below, was hand quilted and machine pieced by Dorothy West Folsom of Mt. Vernon, IL. This quilt uses a kaleidoscope pattern. Each block consists of eight pieces cut from the same spot in the border fabric. The sand colored background represents the desert sand and the 35 cornerstones the Native American influence.Andrew Wyeth’s Winter Furrows—In My Fashion was machine pieced and machine quilted by Linda Mick Short from Mt. Vernon, IL. The quilt was created for the exhibit A Passion for Collecting-Permanent Collection: 30th Anniversary at the Mitchell Museum. Artists who had been a part of Cedarhurst’s history were invited to choose a piece from the permanent collection and create a work of art based on their own interpretation. Linda Short is the retired manager of the Creative Art Center and chose Andrew Wyeth’s Winter Furrows water color painting and quilted her own version with fabric.

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