Monday, September 21, 2009

Studio Kandinsky--My Wall Quilt for the Studio

I have worked on picking out the fabrics, tracing the fusible pieces, and making some of the fusible appliques for the Kandinsky-style quilt I'm making for my studio. I don't have enough pale blue fabric for the background; I guess I'll have to go fabric shopping! I chose fabrics for the appliques from these stash fabrics.The pieces I have finished so far are shown below. I'll have to stitch around the layered pieces and cut excess fabric from behind them. I won't be able to do much more without the background fabric. I'm going to try to pick that up tomorrow. I'd love to have a hand-dyed piece of light blue for that, but I have a zero chance of getting that around here. If I can't find a suitable commercial fabric, I'll have to make an Internet order.
If you'd like to see my rough drawing of what the quilt will look like, check yesterday's blog entry. See if you can match my appliques to the drawing.


Anonymous said...

Beth, looks like a lot of fun and creativity. Look out quilt art world--here comes Beth!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Kandinsky too, and I love what you have created with textiles, I would like to try something myself using his art work for inspiration. Frank Lloyd Wright also did some amazing geometric/graphic designs for rugs and other things that could be adapted to quilts.
Keep doing your great stuff.