Monday, May 21, 2018

Sticking Power

When I did the guild program in Kentucky last month, I realized (once again) that I didn’t have all the month’s Curtis Boehringer quilted snowman wall hangings done. The ones I’m missing are for the next three upcoming months.

As most of you know, my sister is NOT a quilter. She was here last week to help clean out my Dad’s house. While she was here, I needed something quilty to work on. I decided to start drawing out the snowman wall hangings onto my fusible. I figured that was something I could do while we did a marathon “Game of Thrones” session.

I drew up my June, July, and August pieces. I have finished the fusing for the June wall hanging. Today, I’m working on sewing around each of the pieces. Hopefully, I can finish that and move on to the quilting before too long.

Here is what is under my machine today.

I have been using Misty Fuse for my latest art quilt. For this wall hanging, I went back to use Heat & Bond Featherlite. I am REALLY regretting I did that. Misty Fuse can be heated (ironed over) multiple times, and it doesn’t lose its sticking power. Heat & Bond (and MANY/most of the other fusibles on the market) will lose its “sticky” if it is heated too often. I put the motifs for this wall hanging together on a “Goddess Sheet,” and then fuse it to the background fabrics. Just doing that has limited the “staying power” of the Heat & Bond. Many of the pieces are coming lose, and I have lost a couple of the really small pieces altogether. I already have July and August drawn out onto the Heat & Bond, but I may rethink that.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Yes, what you said. ;)
I do like this June Snowman. It made me hungry reading all of the blocks.

Mary said...

Well, he’s cute even if the fusible gave youtrouble 🙂

Susan Nixon said...

My friend, Fran, was such a fan of his patterns. She had all these, but I don't think she finished them, and I don't remember seeing them at her apartment at the end. I don't know what happened to them. Maybe they were in her friend's storage unit. I'm going to enjoy seeing yours finished. I'm guessing it was easier for both of you to go through your Dad's things with the other one there. I hope you had some smiles and laughter as you came across things, and not only tears. Good to know that about Misty Fuse. I've always wanted to try it, but I have a whole bolt of Aleene's that I love (and it's no longer made), so it will be a while.