Monday, May 28, 2018

Have Hexies Will Travel

This summer we are doing some traveling. Each year Nate and I meet my friend from Connecticut at some “vacation venue.” This year the chosen spot is New Orleans. We are planning a plantation tour to the Whitney Plantation, a trip to the some of the galleries in town, a trek to the New Orleans Museum of Art, and trips to as many restaurants as we can squeeze in. On previous trips, we have done two cemetery tours and a Garden District tour and have enjoyed all of them very much.

When traveling, I always try to have some type of handwork to do. Nate generally does the driving—that leaves me with several hours to stitch in the car. This trip will be no exception. I have found a hexie “stitch along” hosted jointly by the Stitched in Color and Tales of Cloth blogs.

Here is my prep for the project. I’m using a Butterfinger tin to store the prepared hexies. It is the PERFECT size.
This is my hexie-making workstation for the car. I have used a Moda Frivols tin to hold my scissors, light and dark “Bottom Line” thread, thimble, extra hexie papers, bits of fabrics. It also makes a great work surface for my lap.
It seems to be working nicely; I got several hexies done. If you would like to check out the Kingfisher Stitch-Along, you can do that here.

5 comments: said...

We had some plans to travel... together this year too. But have decided that leaving Goldie to kennel care... scared me. I have a hexie project under way... and just found some additional fabrics to make it a bit larger! Enjoy Na'Lenz, I think I would eat too!

Lisa Greenbow said...

Great set up. Whatcha gonna do with all of those hexies? Is there a special quilt to make with them? They are colorful. The little hexies look like a crayola box all lined up in the tin. Your tours sound like great fun and will be inspirational no doubt. Have fun and safe travels.

Robbie said...

You have the perfect 'tins' or containers for your hex's!!! Good for you! I love sewing my hex' easy to pick up anytime!!! Have a great trip!

Dana Kroeger said...

You are always so organized in whatever project you do! You amaze me! Happy traveling.

Susan Nixon said...

I thought sure I had commented on this, but that must have been on IG! I do like that tin, and your workstation seems perfect to me. I miss those days of traveling and stitching with my husband doing the driving. =) I've been enjoying seeing your finished fussy cut flowers on IG.